Thursday, 31 May 2018

NSUK Students Laments of Water scarcity on Campus

By Yunusa Muhammed Auta  - [29-05-2018]
The problem of water scarcity in the hostel has become a major challenge to the students of the Nasarawa State University, keffi. Students in hostel hardly get water to drink not to make mention of water for other usage.

Students can be seen roaming about in the campus in search of water for their daily needs, However, the students are calling on the student union government to come to their aid as the issue of this scorching water scarcity is becoming horrendous and unbearable.

In an interview conducted with a student that claimed anonymity, he pleaded with the students union government to do the needful and make water available. we are really not finding this situation easy at all, now that we have a student union government, we call on them to please intervene on this matter as soon as possible he lamented.

Another student who was also interview disclosed how he spent his savings on buying sachets water and also pleaded with the SUG to put an end to the water scarcity.

It can be recalled that there has not been water supply in keffi, which is the seat of the Nasarawa State University, keffi for almost three weeks now, which is affecting both students in the hotels and the student village.

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