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NsukGist Interview With NSUK SUG Director Of Social Henry Debo Timothy

NsukGist Had The Oppurtunity To Sit And Interview The Recently Elected Student Union Government Director Of Socials For Nasarawa State University And We Got Him To Shed Light On Various Issues And Also Give Students And Visitors Of Nasarawa State University The Oppurtunity To Know More About Thier Director Of Socials. So Sit Back And Enjoy This Wonderful Interview 

Hello Comrade Henry, Please Tell Us More About Yourself
My name is Henry Debo Timothy aka Henry Slimz, I come from a very small family of 5, and I'm the last born. I was brought up in Makurdi, Benue State but a full blooded Nigerian because my family comes from different parts of the country, My father is Yoruba, My Grandmum is Tiv and I grew up in Benue State and I school In Nasarawa State Too. I'm from the department of Business Administration and I'm in 300 Level.

Before You Emerged As NSUK SUG DOS, What Were You Doing?
As a person, I was and still an entrepreneur, a web and graphics designer, I customize shirts and was fully into entertainment, I've been part of various committee's that have organized successful and massive shows and I dance and also play basket-ball.

What Made You Contest For The Post Of SUG DOS, What Propelled You?
As a matter of fact, I've been doing some underground investigation about entertainment in NSUK, My aim is to take entertainment to the next level. Entertainment in NSUK is declining and still not up to standard. So I and my team aim to arrest this development and revive NSUK entertainment wise and social wise. When entertainment and social unity is talked about, We want NSUK to be in the top 5.
What Have Been Your Previous Social Achievements Before You Got Into This Office?
I was part of the team that organized one of the biggest comedy shows in Nasarawa State University, NSUK Must Laff, I was also part of the committee that  that organized Comedy X-ray here in Keffi that saw the likes of Magnito Performing at the event and I was also part of the team that organized the Benue State University Awards and so much more.

So What Are Your Plans For NSUK And How Do You Intend To Achieve Them?
There's a saying that a tree cannot make a forest, I cannot do it alone, It is going to be a collective effort from each and everyone of us. Me and my team are thinking of organizing a symposium for students, more like a lecture to let them know that entertainment goes beyond going to parties and all that, also the conduct of students and mode of dressing will be addressed. The issue of shows clashing and events happening the same day is also one of the things we will tackle. NSUK has not seen enough of dancing , this is also one of the things we aim to incorporate into the entertainment circle in NSUK.

What Are Your Goals As A SUG DOS? What Do You Want People To Remember You For?
Firstly one of our goals is to achieve NSUK cultural carnival, it's something that has never happened before. Also we are making plans for NSUK "Mr Macho" which is going to be a gymming and muscle contest. We also have lined up plans for Mr and Miss NSUK, which has also not been experienced before, all of these and many more are in store from the SUG DOS office.
What Is The NSUK Cultural Carnival All About?
As we all know, Culture is the way of life, The way you act, The way you eat, live etc. This Cultural Carnival is an avenue for all students to come together in Unity despite our diversities in culture. In as much as we all love one another, we will be coming out to represent our various cultures and display the beauty in it. It will also be an avenue to know the various cultures we have here in NSUK.

NSUK Hasn't Seen Many A-List Artiste, Do You Have Plans To Bring Big Stars To NSUK?
Even before I became DOS, I've had connections with big stars like 2face, the Comedy X-ray we organized last year also saw the likes of Magnito. I and my team are planning to organize an industry nite for NSUK Artistes that will involve A-List artistes too but it will be focused on the upcoming NSUK artistes to showcase their talents on stage in front of these big music stars and opportunities to be recognized and signed to big record labels would be opened for them.

As SUG DOS, You Have Other DOS Under You,. How Do You Plan To Work With Them And Take Care Of Them?
I respect them alot because some of them were there before me and they are also experienced so i plan to carry all of them along because like I earlier mentioned, A tree cannot make a forest, so we are going to be putting our ideas together. And whenever I want to make any decisions, the first people to contact and seek consent from will be my fellow DOS, I pray we all work together to achieve our goals.

What Made You Emerge As The Winner In The Elections? What Is That Extra Thing You Could Say You Did To Help Yourself?
I'm a kind of person that in everything I do, I put God first to direct me because he is the Alpha and the Omega, the one that knows the beginning and the end, I put him first and I ask for his will to be done. It was just the work of God and I was very humble before the elections and on the day of the election.
We Want To Know More About Your Team, The People That Backed You Up And Your Campaign Team, Please Give Them A Shout-Out
I'd like to give a shout out to everybody, those that voted me in and those that didn't vote me and all NSUK students. We promise to make this community proud. Special shout out to my team and management, MC Rasky who worked real hard to ensure that everything was in place, Also Big Fredo who is my Manager, He never jokes with me and he is always concerned about my well being. Big shout to my team, my squad and also my female friends.

You Earlier Mentioned That You Dance, How Did That Start For You?
Yeah! I dance and I also used to be a musician in a gospel crew, I'm a church boy, Along the line I also ventured into rap, during all that time I discover the dancer in me. We intend to set up a dance academy in NSUK too.

As SUG DOS, Won't Your Teeming Female Fans Be A Distraction To You?
To be sincere the female fans and friends will always be there, I really appreciate them but there's a special one for me, who has been with me from day one, they come around and try to make her jealous but I will always let her know she's the one and nobody can take her place.

So It Is Safe To Say That You're In A Romantic Relationship?
Yes I am! A Big Shout Out To My One And Only Girlfriend Peculiar!
As A SUG DOS, Say Something To The Students And People Who Look Up To You.
I would like to thank and appreciate them, we will try all our possible best to fulfill our promises. I also want to advice and encourage them to be good students and not engage in any form of violence or drug activities, they should be friendly with each other and very social by turning up for shows and events

Thank You DOS, It's A Pleasure To Spend Time With You.
Thank you guys at NsukGist, keep up the good work

Interview By Christopher Abbey Salami 
Images By Oyetola Ibrahim

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