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10 Most Outstanding Radio Presenters In Keffi, Nasarawa State

The Nigerian media space, particularly radio has been somewhat controlled by several prominent, outstanding, amazing and charming presenters with captivating voice and we totally love the feel of it.

Over the years, the personalities who work in radio have also become as popular as their radio stations and apart from the glamour that this On Air Personalities are involved in, they always go the extra mile to inform, entertain and to educate their listeners with there cool, melodious and unique voices.

In Keffi there are many On Air Personalities or radio presenters as they are fondly called but for these people talking has become a passion and their way of life. 

From polls and trending reports we have come up with this list of Ten Most Outstanding On Air Personalities in Keffi, who have distinguished themselves in their craft.

This gentleman is just as hard working and talented as the rest on this list and so far he has been able to win the hearts of listeners in and around keffi with his captivating voice and articulations. Isah hosts a couple of programs on NBS 92.5 FM Keffi.

He is said to have a very soothing voice, with a kind of British accent that has a naija flavour to it and a cute face that compliments his voice. Kabiru is an outstanding radio host, one of Keffi's very best. Kabiru currently rocks the airwaves of Maloney 95.9 FM.

He's very blunt on issues in sport which he perfectly dissects his sports program. The On-Air "African King" doubles as a co-host for the "We Be Naija" program and also hosts "Lagbofaji" a Yoruba program all on Maloney FM.

Ibro Miles hosts the Monday and Tuesday Evening Belt on NBS 92.5 FM Keffi, holding the record as the hottest male voice on NBS Keffi. When you hear Ibro Miles on radio his voice is laced with captivating and well seasoned words making him a toast to listeners in Keffi and environ. 

DeeOhSee is definitely one of the most sort after voice on radio in Keffi. He is arguably  one of airwaves kings. A really fun soul, ever armed with witty and timely words and never artificial, he just tells it as it is. He host the "Loud Voice" and "Meeting Point" shows where trending and educating issues are discussed on Maloney F.M.

5. ONYEANUSI CHINASA JANE (African Queen):  
Onyeanusi, Chinasa Jane popularly known as "African Queen" is a very popular, pretty and talented On Air Personality. The beautiful Mass Communication Student in Nasarawa State University has been able to hold her listeners spell bounded in Maloney F.M 95.9 and in the hearts of both the young and old as a top-notch classy presenter. She has that angelic voice that makes her listener stick around or glue to radio from the way she educates, entertains, motivates and passes informative message across. She hosts the midday show called "We be Naija" and "Igbo Kwenu" all on Maloney F.M.

This versatile and multi talented presenter shuttles between the radio station in NBS  Keffi and its television station therefore her among the top four on our list. She is one On-Air Personality that cannot be ignored. This pretty diva's program caters to listeners who enjoy smooth melodies that evoke a sense of peace, serenity and calm. Abundance as she is fondly called is not just a sweet voice; she has a captivating face to go along with it.

3. TONY JUDE (Tony Reigns):
This is one young and talented OAP who has distinguished himself to be a voice to be reckoned with. He is regarded as the "Tutor's Tutor", this is because he has been pivotal to the grooming of some top notch presenters in Keffi. This outstanding OAP on NBS 92.5 is dope, classy; and arguably one of the top notch presenters on NBS FM and in Keffi as a whole. 

He is the " 001" of NBS Keffi, the man with an impeccable voice and charming personality. With his infectious personality, captivating voice and charming wit he has been able to register his name in the sands of time of On Air Presenting both in Keffi and environs. Mr. Sim's popularity keeps souring higher day by day as he dazzles his listeners with his good command of English on his morning shows on NBS Keffi.

1. IKECHUKWU JUWE (Iyke The Voice):
Wondering why he’s got the number one spot on this list? He is considered to be one of the best voices on radio in Keffi. Iyke-Da-Voice hosts "The Discuss" and the "Midnight Show" on Maloney F.M. You cannot help but fall in love with Iyke's voice and looks too, as he is known for his fashion statements. Just within few years in Keffi town he has warmed his way into the hearts of listeners with his amazing voice and educating programs. His superb diction makes listeners wants to stay glued to their radio set.

Other notable names are:
1. Gunji Baton (Gunji Da Black)
2. Super Jordy
3. Zainab Alkali
4. Lamia Ochanya
5. Immiran Adams (Mr. Bula)

Compiled By: Divinelove Udorji, Jordan Attahiru, Sapilo Prince Rukky & David Alex Dako

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