Sunday, 12 March 2017

Stranger Wins 100k Open Mic Challenge At The Ajebo Unleashed Campus Tour NSUK

How can a big event like this come and go without controversies? Various happenings took place on Friday 10th of march at the Ajebo Unleashed campus tour and the one that got students talking is the open mic challenge competition that happened at the event, the fact that a non student won the contest is the main reason why some students are angry about the out-come of the competition.

The open mic challenge was an opportunity for students of Nasarawa State University to showcase their creativity(Dance, Music, Comedy) on stage and the winner would be chosen by the audience and would be awarded the sum of 100,000 Naira by Ajebo The Comedian courtesy of Minimie Chin Chin

There were 7 contestants on stage for the open mic challenge, this included Longtitude-Comedy, NewBrid-Rap, EllaDiva-Dance, Adamswags-Dance, Lil Cool Blaze-Rap, Small Don Walter-Dance, Young Incredible-Rap and Da flamez-Dance
Despite the fact that one of NSUK finest, Adamswag who was the second runner up of the competition gave an electrifying dance performance, he still couldn't secure the votes of the crowd which consist mainly of his loyal fans.

The crowd gave their votes to Young Incredible who performed a Rap freestyle using his fellow contestants as topics for his rap, he got an outstanding cheer from the crowd of students and visitors who couldn't hide their amusement at his good delivery of Rap.

Young Incredible was awarded the grand prize and Adamswags was given a $100 note by someone from the audience that loved his dance performance.

But the main issue here is that the winner of this open mic challenge is not a student of Nasarawa State University, the host institution/campus for this event but the students of the school still gave their votes to him despite the fact that he is a stranger who has never performed anywhere in or around the campus.

Young Incredible is a talented rap artiste , he has performed with M.I on the same stage before, M.I himself promised to always bring Young Incredible to any show he  his billed to perform in, and rumor has it that he his M.I's boy so some students strongly believe Young Incredible was brought to the event by the event organizers because they knew he was going to win the money. 

But what we can't deny is the fact that this guy is talented, he stole the heart of the audience and he deserves to win the money. So Adamswags should hold his fans at the event responsible for not making him win the prize money

Written And Compiled By Suleiman Adamu, A 200L Student Of Political Science NSUK And A Lover Of Entertainment.


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