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30 MINUTES WITH FRESH EDO BOY - BENBREEZY: Watch Out For My Music Video And More

In This Revealing Interview With NsukGist, Gifted Singer Benbreezy Talks About His Style Of Music, How Music Started For Him, His Family, Fashion Sense, Style Of Music His Love Life, His Upcoming Video And Much More, Read Below And Enjoy

Hello Benbreezy, Can You Please Introduce Yourself?
I'm by name Benjamin Oriri, I'm from Edo State, I go by the stage name Benbreezy aka Fresh Edo Boy. I was born and brought up in Abuja. I am schooling in Nasarawa State University, Keffi and i am in my final year, Geography department.

What Was Growing Up Like?
Growing up was not easy, I was born into a family where you had to struggle for everything but we had a very good family bond. I am the only son and I have four sisters. I love my parents and i can die for them.

As A Music Artiste, Can You Tell Us How Music Started For You?
I never really started out to be a musician, growing up, I was all about football. I was picked for Under17 trials but injury hampered my progress, I wrote my first song in camp, looking around and seeing musicians and listening to them, i released i could do better. And also my sister was into music, all these influenced me. I started music professionally in 2015 when i released my singles Jeje and Buga.

What Is Your Style Of Music?
I am into Pattaya, Old skool, Reggae but as an upcoming artiste, I am versatile and not restricted

What Has Been The Reception From Your Fans To Your Music?
They've always shown love, right from the first song, and also my first performance

Your Recent Single , "Testimony" Was A Success, Tell Us More About The Song And What Inspired It?
It was love actually, I was with my girl one afternoon when the inspiration came. She inspires me and corrects me, she made mention of my song and told me how good i sounded and i felt really happy and blessed, so i went into the studio and did a song for her, I didn't know it was going to be a hit and i am surprised it is gaining massive airplay on radio now.

So Are You Shooting A Video For It Anytime Soon?
Very, very soon we are shooting the video on the 4th and 5th of March. We will be shooting it in Keffi. I started in Keffi and i would love to give back by shooting my video here and it has some great locations so i will be making use of them. The video shoot is going to be big and standard so watch out for testimony video.

Are You Currently Signed Under Any Record Label?
No! I just got out of one though. As an upcoming artist it is not all about rushing to get signed under a record label. It is about putting effort and hard-work into what you do, your efforts and handwork will push you out , so when you finally decide to sign a record deal, you would not have to beg to get signed.

So Tell Us Ben, How Did You Come About The Stage Name Benbreezy?
I was in a football camp at one point and i went by the name handsome prince but my friends said it was too long, that i should just add breezy to my name Ben and since then (2010) I have been using that name.

How Do You Combine Your Academics With Shows And Events?
Its very tough, yesterday i had to go from studio to class so its been tho, from studio to class, to checking out locations for video shoot and attending shows and events. Music is what i love to do so i don't see it as stress. So i just try as much as possible to combine the two.

Assuming You Weren't Into Music Right Now, What Would You Be Doing?
I would be acting. I love the camera and I love being in front of it. I have been in some drama's and soap opera's

As A Popular Musician Here In Nasarawa State University, How Do You Handle The Female Fans?
It's not been easy but i know they love me for my music so i don't push them away. So i try as much as possible to make good music for them, that's how i give them back the love

Are You Into Any Romantic Relationship Right Now?
Yes, I have a beautiful girlfriend

What Has Been Your Biggest Challenge As An Artiste?
Finance, Financing has been a major challenge. I am shooting a video now and getting finance has not been easy but with God, everything is possible.

Do You Think Keffi Is A Good Breeding Ground For Musicians?
All we need is togetherness, with togetherness in Keffi, we can conquer the whole Naija. Keffi has produced lots of talents and when we go out on shows we always surprise everybody.

What Is Your Fashion Style?
I dress up perfectly for every occasion and everyday i try to do something new

What Are Your Goals As An Artiste?
My goal are to make impact, make money, fame and heaven.

As An Artiste, What Motivates You?
Music Is My Motivation,I love my own song, When i listen to them, i get motivated to do more and do better.

When Should We Be Expecting An Album From You?
As soon as i graduate, the plans for an album will get underway 

What Has Been Your Most Amazing Moment On Stage?
There was a time i performed at a show and Skales performed before me, which was a big deal and it amazed me that i was able to move the crowd and they responded well to my performance. That was really amazing. 

You've Always Referred To Yourself As Fresh Edo Boy, How Did That Come About?
Laughs, I am from Edo State and I am a fresh boy so that's just it.

Lastly, What Message Do You Have For Your Fans?
I love you all, I will always do the best for you, Keffi is my home. I will make all my fans proud and I promise to always be humble no matter where i get and i also promise to continue making good music. A big thank you to NsukGist too, you guys have been there for day one, God Bless You All

Interview By Christopher Abiodun Salami  & Samuel Adelakun
Photos By High-B

You can follow him on IG fresh_edo_boy & Twitter mrfame001.

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