Saturday, 14 January 2017

Crime Alert for NSUK Students

This is a warning to all NSUK students, especially the ladies. There's a criminal gang operating around High Court, BCG, Behind Loremm, Angwa Lambu and other areas. 

This gang has a scout. He is visiting rooms pretending to be looking for someone, unusually he gives a female name that you probably don't know. In the process he initiates a friendly conversation with you, even says “won't you invite me in”, if you fail to do so. 

For being “nice” and courteous many have fallen for his antics and invited him into their rooms where he tells them stories like “my father is a Senator” or “my father works with the CBN” and stuffs like that. The kind of stories women love to hear! 

His mission is to know how rich you are or the amount of property you have so that he will alert his gang of the next place to rob or buggle during break. 

Be careful on how you let strangers into your apartment. Be careful about how you show off your acquisitions. Times are hard. Boys are not smiling. 

You may be their next victim. Be on the alert. Tell your
 friends. Share on your wall, group pages and Whatsapp group and list. 


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