Friday, 6 January 2017

About Clearance for 2015/2016 Graduating Students

Following the appeals from colleagues and other concerned students about when clearance for the graduating students will commence, an enquiry was made from the units relevant to the subject.

Whereas results have been approved by the Senate since 22 December, 2016, which is the first major step in the process of clearance.

The approved results are presently at Exams and Records, where I am told, some necessary corrections particularly regarding your names and other particulars are being effected.

The process is divided into Faculty by Faculty and are going on simultaneously.
However, no specific date was given regarding when this will be completed. I am told that it maybe completed next or the following week. Maximum next week.
When this is done, the results will be forwarded to Students Affairs Unit where the clearance will start.

On the charges that this may incur, I can't be specific but those who are owing the system should know the level of their indebtedness and should be ready with their money.

For those who are not owing, my advice is that you arm yourself with an estimate of between #13,000 to #15,000. Note that this may vary depending on your course of study.

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