Monday, 19 December 2016

2016 NSUK Most Outstanding Music Artistes

|By: Divinelove Udorji, Sapilo Prince Rukky, David Alex Dako & Jordan Attahiru|

Nasarawa State University is one institution of learning that is filled with abundant talents, from incredible dancers, to amazing singers, creative writers and lots more. The year 2016 has indeed proven to be a year of bliss for some NSUK music artistes as they have shined and soured high with their singles, shows, endorsements and performances.

Although there is a great deal of justified stress and frustration in writing and producing a song, these young and vibrant songsters in Nasarawa State University had found a way of keeping their fans and NSUK community at large spell-bounded and glued to their songs this year.

After garnering several opinions from music lovers in NSUK and in a quest to celebrate NSUK music artistes who have kept NSUKites on their toes this year with their incredible songs and performance, we present to you the top ten Nasarawa State University's Most Outstanding Music Artistes Of The Year 2016.

10. FlamzyDice:
When FlamzyDice raps and spits out rhymes it keeps you captivated and spell bounded. This year saw FlamzyDice dishing out energetic singles and numerous collaborations, with applauding performances in NSUK.

9. OtuBlinks
The Mama Africa coroner stormed the year 2016 with amazing songs and performances. He undoubtedly stole the heart of music lovers in and around NSUK with his single, titled "Mama Africa".

8. Olamisamz:
This year has proven to be a year of bliss for Olamisamz as he got signed to SBS records this year, coupled with numerous performances in and around Keffi. This year Olamisamz proved himself as an artiste to be reckoned with. He has the exact voice and charisma of Nigerian rap star Olamide. I bet if you download any of Olamisamz's single you would be compelled to put it on repeat.

7. Shanpista:
This is the Phyno of NSUK. In the Nigerian music industry this dope rapper can only be likened to Phyno, just like Phyno he also raps in Igbo language with creative lyrics, melodious voice and unique fashion style. Just listen to his single "Nso-gbu" which he dropped few months ago and you will be wowed and convinced beyond reasonable doubt.

6. Tom P:
Sitting on our number six spot is Tom P. He is an amazing and melodious Ragga/Reggae singer. This year Tom P dazzled the music scene in NSUK with his smash hit single. The single received massive airplay and had the young chap been billed to perform at almost all the shows in NSUK this year. His song "African beauty" is currently bursting the music space.

5. Ben Breezy:
Ben has been wowing NSUK music lovers with his amazing songs. Just at the tail end of this year Ben Breezy dropped his amazing single titled "Testimony". #Awee

4. AdamSwag:
This amazing dancer, choreographer and singer began the year 2016 by dropping a melodious single titled "Alcohol". AdamSwag is one artiste that gets you spell bounded whenever he is on stage. In 2016 there was hardly any party, show or event that AdamSwag was not billed to perform at, be it in or around NSUK. As his name implies "Swag", he is another entertainer in NSUK with top notch dress sense.

3. Raven:
Raven is arguably one of Nasarawa state university's finest, with an amazing voice capable of melting every woman's heart. He is also a lord in rhythmic Hausa raps. Raven began the year 2016 by dropping breath taking singles concurrently.

2. BishopSwag
 He is a king of rap in NSUK. His sounds are a combination of Hausa/English Hip-Hop rhymes. His songs are filled to brim with amazing rhythms and punch-lines, he began 2016 with series of breathtaking performances and shows from within NSUK and sealed the year with shows outside NSUK. His shows had prominent music artistes in attendance and was a top-notch.

1. TeeDon15
 At our number one spot is Teedon15. He is a rapper and another king of NSUK rhythmic rap. Teedon15 is the only rapper in Nigeria who would get you glued to your dictionary when listening to his songs cos his punch-lines are undiluted. In 2016 he dropped his highly anticipated album titled; "ChildsPlayThaEp". The album has been garnering momentum from every sphere of the country.

•Divinelove Udorji, Sapilo Prince Rukky, David Alex Dako & Jordan Attahiru are Mass Communication students of Nasarawa State.


  1. Lol nsukgist dis ur list dont have my name nd I dropped a song last 2 months

  2. NSUK Entertainment is growing . Good job guys


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