Friday, 11 November 2016

No Plans To Increase NSUK School Fees

No plan to hike NSUK school fees
°Students with fake school fees receipts, exam offenders, others receive punishment
°Admission list out November ending

|By Ofim, Kelechi Ofim|

The rumour about possible increase in the school fees of Nasarawa State University has been described as “false and unfounded”.

A Registry staff reliably confirmed that there is no plan to hike the fees as no proposal in that regard has been made or even contemplated by Management.

“As far as I know, no such plan is being considered”, he assured.

Another source in the Vice Chancellor's office also corroborated this, insisting that the rumour is not true and urged students to disregard it.

The source warned students not to believe some of the rumours being spread, as those who carry them are mostly none students, lurking around Angwa Lambu and High Court, with the intent to cause chaos within the School environment.

Half of those staying in Angwa Lambu and High Court are not students.

“But they will rent apartments, even attend lectures and pretend to be students.

“Their duty is to fabricated stories like this in order to incite the students.

“If you are gullible you buy into their scheme”, he said.

“To be clear, Management of Nasarawa State University has no intention of raising the school fees and any rumour to that effect is not true”, he stressed.

Meanwhile, investigation has revealed that many students may have received the heavy hammer of the University Senate for violating some of the school's rules and regulations.
It was discovered that some students who are in the habit of not paying school fees by conniving with some criminal elements to print fake receipts have been fished out and have received Senate reprimand.

Others who have also been axed are those who engaged in exam malpractice and other anti-social activities within Campus.

The punishment for the offenders is said to range from suspension, rustication to expulsion.
The names of the culprits will be published and made available to public institutions to serve as deterrent to others.

“We need to let the students know that they cannot get away with some of their behaviours in this school ”, he concluded.

On the highly expected admission list, Management is said to be on course to meet the end of November deadline stipulated by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB, the source stated.

Admission seekers and all stakeholders are therefore advised to exercise patience and disregard the rumour making rounds that the list is out already.

“When the list is ready it will be published on the appropriate channels and everyone concerned will be aware of it”, he assured.

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