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Graduation: Fear Grip Final Year Students, as Many “Record Poor Results

Fear Grip Final Year Students, as Many “Record Poor Results
By Ofim, Kelechi Ofim

There is real fear brewing among many final year
students of Nasarawa State University, as the
results of last semester's exam trickle in: there is
a massive failure, reports say.

The hopes of graduating with their colleagues, for
the affected students certainly have dimmed as
some make frantic effort to remedy their fate, in
what is known commonly as “sorting” before the
results are finally made public.

This writer sat down with some Heads of
Departments and members of the Senate who
disclosed that the performances of many of the
students are “very woeful” and beyond remedy.

According to one of them, the scores are so low
that it won't be fair to upgrade the results.

“How do you help someone who scored 27?
“Do you award him or her a whole 18 marks to
bring it to 45?, he asked.

He insisted that “helping” such person to
graduate is dangerous and won't do any good to
him or her.

“Even my conscience won't allow me to sleep”,
he maintained.

“If the student had scored, say 40 or 42, maybe
you can help him to get 45, but when many of the
students needs more than 15 marks… it is not
even good for the system”, he warned.

Respondents from the Faculty of Natural and
Applied Sciences, Arts and Social Sciences
painted similar gloomy pictures.

They say it is best for “these students to repeat”
so as to get better grades.

“Some of the students know they are going

“When you already have up to 4, 5 even 10
carryovers, do you think you are graduating?, he
asked expecting no answer.

When reminded that some students who have
minimal carryovers could get a waiver, this is
what one of the Senate member said:

“Who ever told you that is deceiving you.

“Even one carryover can keep you back”, he

Reports say University Management is not happy
with the quality of graduates being churned out,
especially those in the class of Second Class
Upper Division, whom we are told performed

woeful during an interview to be absorbed into
the University system.

This infuriated management as they demand
stricter mechanism to sieve out pretenders.

A further investigation revealed that the University
will come down heavily on students who engages
in sharp practices to get good grades.

Already, a number of them have been axed and
their names will soon be published for varied
offences, including exam malpractices. The list
also includes final year students.

This writer wanted to know what the University
Law says about the now popular term “waiver”,
which many final year students are now
depending on as their saving grace.

According to The University Calendar (December,
2012 2nd ed. pg. 325, section 8.3.3) under the
heading “spill over”: “students who are not able
to graduate at the end of their approved period of
study shall be allowed to carryover such courses
into the following session…

“Failure in any course during the first spill over
which leads into second year shall graduate with
a pass degree, his/her CGPA notwithstanding”.

However, the Senate reserves the right, if
convinced “beyond reasonable doubt” to award an
unclassified aegrotat degree to any student who
by a justiable circumstance may have prevented
him/her from taking part in the final exam, if the
application is made within 30 days after the final

As the results begin to appear on notice boards in
the weeks ahead, one thing is certain: the
celebrations during the final papers was
premature. The chicken is now coming home to


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