Monday, 10 October 2016

Bishopswagg Management Releases Statement To Address The Ozee & Bishopswagg Issue

Bishopswagg's Management Camp Has Released A Press Statement To Address The Disclaimer Statement Released By OZEE'S Management Yesterday
They Claim To Have Come To A Conclusion  With Ozee's Management And That Ozee Will Be Coming To The Bishopswagg Concert In Lafia. Check Out The Statement Below.

Press Release From SBS WORLDWIDE [Bishopswag's Management] 

This is to inform the fans and general public that the disclaimer posted by the management of OZEE has been successfully resolved.

The disclaimer was a result of misinformation.

Therefore, OZEE and his management has confirm that they will fully be in attendance meanwhile we want to use this medium to apologize to both fans of the artiste "BISHOPSWAGG #Dole and OZEE for putting them through this misinformation and side talks on the  media.

We look forward to your massive attendance at the Bishopswag Concert In Lafia.
Same date 16th Sunday October 2016.



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