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30 MINUTES WITH UP RISING GOSPEL ACT GDIA: I Want To Go Into The World And Touch Lives With My Music

Focused, Beautiful, Elegant, Talented Yet Simple In Nature, Gdia Embodies These Qualities. She\s The Brain Behind The Just Concluded Tell Me Siis Event. NsukGist Sat With Gdia In This Inspiring And Entertaining Interview. She's Uprising And She's Taking The Gospel World By Storm!

Gdia Please Tell Us A Little About Yourself And How Growing Up Was Like For You?
First of all i want to say thank you for bringing me here, thanks for the opportunity, i'm humbled. My name is Godiya Dangana, people know me as Gdia, I'm from Niger State, Gbagyi by tribe and i'm from a family of seven in which i happen to be the sixth child, my dad is late. Growing up, i had always loved singing right from Sunday school, i grew up in the church.  I started writing songs at a tender age, I used to be a very quiet person but experience taught me how to be outspoken and also write good songs because i could express myself through music.

How Would You Describe Your Type Of Music? Pure Gospel, Partly Gospel Or Partly Secular?
I'm a gospel artiste purely but i want to be able to touch lives, not just Christians but everyone, the bible says "Go ye into the world" It didn't say remain in the church so even if i'm invited to a secular platform to sing, i will be glad and it will be the best day of my life.

When Did You First Get Introduced To Music And When Did You Decide To Take It Up As A Career?
At the age of 15 i dropped my first album, I've always loved music, i didn't need to decide because i always knew music was what i wanted to do.

Do You Play Any Instruments?What Are Your Favorites?
*Laughs* I;m learning guitar, it's pretty hard and i even got my finger injured while learning. I am also attracted to the keyboard, my favorite instruments are guitar, keyboard and violin.
Are You Currently Signed To Any Record Label?
Presently I'm working with a label called Cross Music Records/StarShow in Abuja, we've not done anything like signing the papers yet but I've started working with them and already have two good tracks with them, the tracks are not out yet but i love the fact that they (star show) are looking for ways to help me improve and bring out the best in myself.

Tell Us More About Your Just Concluded "Tell Me Sis" Event, What's Behind Such Concept?
Tell me sis is a vision i got from my upbringing, experiences I've had with people, relationships and even the school environment, campus life. Growing up as a young girl, you tend to know when it's time for a relationship because you begin to see guys coming around. In my first relationship, i fell into a wrong one because i did not know what it meant to have a purpose, I loved God and was regular in church but still i din;'t know my purpose. I just felt I was in love but i just thank God that he brought me out of it because i would have lost my dreams if i had stayed in the relationship. With everything i learnt in the relationship and then coming to campus to see how girls live their lives, I felt it wasn't the right way things should be; the idea of going after men for money, doing odd jobs just for money and all that. I decided I would love to impact lives and share my life experiences, I felt it would be a good thing to start up something, bring people who are more experienced to teach us the basics about being a woman, how to stand your ground in the society, not to be a mediocre, think big and do something better for your life.I'm not a feminist  but you can't keep depending on a man for everything, you can do alot of things with your hand. I put together Tell Me Sis and i was able to bring some great women who taught us alot and it was so impactful, guys also attended because it was not restricted and there were testimonies everywhere. The women talked to us as youths and we were able to worship together, and pray together. I left there loaded myself and because i learnt alot. Another edition of Tell Me Sis is coming up and it's going to be a ladies day out in Jabi.

We Heard It Was A Success, How Do You Intend On Using It To Benefit The Society Especially The Women?
Ok! That's part of our mission, we're going to be organizing a workshop for women to learn skills like make-up, ankara, hair making and lots more. There will also be talk shows were we will talk about real life issues like sex, relationships, marriage basically those things we are usually scared to talk about and try as much as possible to help someone out there.
We've Seen The Designs You Do With Ankara Materials, How Did It Begin? Tell Us More About The Business
It all started during that one year strike we had in school, that was when i started learning because i have passion for fashion , I love to look good. So i was able to learn something during that period. I have a shop at home and someone is there running the shop. The name of the company is Sense Of Decency, although we are just starting out but business has been good. 

You Are A Final Year Student, So How Has Schooling In NSUK Been?
Sometimes boring!That's because i don't like what I'm studying, I didn't choose to study English, I applied for mass communication but I'm trying, for everything I've learnt i give God the glory because God brought me here for a reason and to become useful.

Do You Have A Boyfriend?
I'm dating! He's a nice person, he supports me, on the relationship i see a sign of seriousness, he supports my vision. During the Tell Me Sis event, he really stood by me and he was up and about making sure things were in order, unlike other guys who would just take the front seat with their arms folded. He has been kind and loving! He's a good guy.
You're Talented And Beautiful, How Do You Manage The Advances You Get From Your Male Admires?
People value you by the value you give yourself and there is away you appear that would make people see you in a different way, the way we talk and relate with people also matters. I don't really get these kind of advances, the way i live my life is very different, I don't know many places here or anywhere, if I'm not at home, I will be in the class or in the market because i love good food or in the church and I'm also in a relationship so i mind the kind of company i keep.

How Much Of Songwriting And Recording Do You Do?
I write songs every-time and anytime, sometimes when something happens to me i just pick my pen and write. I love recording because that's the way i know i'm improving. Whenever i get the opportunity to be with a good producer, I try to give it my best.

How Would You Describe Your Relationships With Other Gospel Artistes?
I can pick just few but i respect everybody, sometimes when you become too close, you loose your value. So sometimes i prefer being friends from afar. When we see at shows i greet them and i call them once in a while to check up on them.

What Are The Challenges Of Being A Gospel Artiste In Nigeria?
The church is one of our challenges because the church has become so stiff, there seems to be this trend of the church going for big names in the industry, there is also this disparity between the lesser known gospel artistes and the famous ones so the pastors love big names but when it comes to us they say they are giving us an opportunity to showcase yourself. I don't call myself an upcoming artiste, I call myself an uprising artiste. I thank God that there is time for everything because all the big names we have today all started from somewhere.

How Do You Intend On Using Your Music To Inspire People?
If I'm given any platform to perform, I would give it my best because maybe someone just need to hear a word, and there are songs I've started working on in which i try to sing about real life issues that people can relate to.
Who Is That One Nigeria Gospel Artiste You Wish To Work With?
I would love to work with Sinach, I already did a song with Solomon Lange, he's like a mentor to me, Prosper and Frank Edward too

What Are Your Goals Musically?
I want to go into the world, I don't want to remain in the church, I want to be able to pass the message to the rest of the world and touch lives, both those in church and those out side the church. Life is a process and tomorrow's goal might be different from today's. I don't forget my goals, my focus is to reach out to the world and bless them and also receive too

How Has Finance Being Like For You As A Musician?
Anytime I plan for an event, it always comes at a time when i have little or nothing in my bank account but God does it somehow, sometimes through family. During the Tell Me Sis Event, I didn't spend alot, God just kept raising people to take care of the things we needed. God has always provided.

Can Yo Define Your Sense Of Fashion?
I like it simple but classy. I try to make beauty out of everything, I love to look good. I am not a trendy person but i love to look different. I love shoes too, I have nice ones and I buy alot of them

What's The Inspiration Behind The Name Gdia?
The name was given to me by my friend. It happened when i was dropping my first album in Kaduna, they just started calling me Gdia and everyone in the studio took it up and started calling me Gdia. I love the name even though i might have preferred Godiya but Gdia is everywhere

How's Gospel Like In Keffi? What Do You Think Is The Future Of Gospel Here?
I will say my mind. In Keffi we organize alot of gospel concert but there are very few of them that you'd go to and come back with a feeling that you've gained something, that your life has been impacted. Especially the students, we are moved by big names and voice. Anointing makes the difference now and we need unity among the various fellowships on campus for there to be a future for gospel in Keffi.

Your Favorite Moment On Stage?
Well, it wasn't really on stage, it was at a meeting in our fellowship, when I was singing and people, the ladies started to cry, it was touching because it was actually a song i wrote out of experience. I saw God in myself that day.
There Are Talks About You Being A Feminist, Are You?
Let me say it once again, I'm not a feminist! In our society people have issues with feminists, anyway there are those who stand for the right reasons and there are those who do otherwise, but the truth is no man wants to marry a liability, every man want a woman who is like to a degree independent. Every woman should be able to have something doing. Men are still babies in a way and they need a woman to support them, when you see great men of today they say alot of good things about their wives, I want to be that kind of woman. I want to be able to stand on behalf of my husband. Some women have the notion that they do not need men but like it or not they need a man.We should not judge any woman that calls herself a feminist because sometimes it is because of the things they've experienced.

What Is Your Message To Girls Who Desire To Be Like You?
Believe in the God that's in you because he called you and he knows why he called you. If you think you can do it on your own then you are going to fail. Be focused and do your best, don't believe that a man can give you everything.
Tell Me Sis Abuja Edition
4th December 2016
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Interview By Christopher Abiodun Salami [Abbeycity]
Photos By Ibrahim Oyetola [High-B]
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