Saturday, 13 August 2016

6 Months After: Recap Of Proceedings Of The Programme: Accomplished Researches Under Wealth Accounting (ARUWA) 12th Inaugural Lecture Including Photos From The Event

The event  slated for11:00am but men and women from all walks of life arrived as early as 10:15am. There was no such thing as African time.
The venue as at 10:25am before the event began

11:00am - Academic procession comes in led by directors, followed by the vice chancellor
11:04am - Observation of National anthem
The Vice Chancellor Seated Next To The Governor's Wife Can Be Seen Clapping As  Dignitries Were Being Invited To The High Tabble

11:06am - Invitation of dignitaries to the high table. Dignitaries like - Wife of Nasarawa state governor Mrs Al makura, his royal highness from prof. Aruwa's home-town, vice chancellor of kogi state university etc..
The Royal Fathers (1)
The Royal Fathers (2)
Professor Aruwa's Parents Were Also Present.
Dr S Aruwa & Hajiya Amina Aruwa
11:11am - Opening Prayer By Dr Abdullahi Mohammed

11:22am -  Welcome remarks by professor Elaigwu. He welcomed everyone who was present and gave lowdown of the tittle of the inaugural lecture
11:34am - Professor Mainoma adresses the audience.
Key Quotes From The Professor
"I am fascinated with the fact that this lecture is coming from our department Accounting."
"I have found him more useful in my life than i have found myself useful in his life"
"An inaugural lecture like this is expected to chronicle the work of a professor"
"This lecture is going to bring to fore scientific basis of wealth determination"

11:44am - Goodwill Messages By:
- Family of Dr Aruwa
- Professor Sani Abdulahi on behaf of professors and friends
- Professor Olayemi Akinwunmi
- Dr Olabode on behalf of studens of the university under Prof. Aruwa
12:40 - Professor Aruwa begins inaugural lecture
"The topic was an enquiry into wealth creation recognition"
"We need to rethink accounting theories and policies"
"Wealth is needed for prosperity and sustenance, but few know how to measure wealth"
"Accounting is a measure discipline"
"What we measure affects what we do and if the measurement is flawed, accounting is distorted"
"Wealth accounting is concerned with recognition of wealth creation, measurement and disclosure"
11:54am - Prof. Aruwa leaves stage after closing remarks
Cross-section of the hall

11:57am - Vote of thanks by the registrar Alhaji Danladi
Observation of National Anthem and departures of dignitaries and members of the high table
Members of the high table leaving

Picture Of Various Guest In Attendance Below
Mallam Hassan 
Mrs Comfort
Dr. Abdullahi
Professor Akindele And Friends
Mr Abdul was present too
The Dj

A Lucheon was held at Sawalino Hotel, you will find pictures from the luncheon below

Event Covered By Christopher Abiodun Salami
Photos By High-B


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