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30 MINUTES WITH FAST RISING ARTISTE ADAMSWAG: Fame Didn't Change Me, It Makes Me Feel Loved And Appreciated + many more

We had Adamswag with us in this revealing and entertaining interview, we were with him a day to his birthday, making it all the more interesting. A truly multi-talented artiste who thrills his fans with both his singing and dancing skills. He's fast rising and we believe he will be a household name in no time. Enjoy

On A Lighter Note, We Saw A Video Of You Twerking At An Event In Abuja, Where Did You Learn That?
Dance for me has never been learnt from anywhere, I was born a dancer and i come from a family that also loves to dance, even my junior brother won the maltina dance all show for Abuja zone in 2012. The dance thing runs in the family

Did You Start Dancing Before You Got Into Music?
Sure!! I've had so many awards from dancing, I was Niger state's best dancer for 2012,2013,2014. I danced and i was also a back-up singer to a popular artiste in Niger state named "Grascoli"

What Motivated You To Go Into Music?
I discovered early enough that I had passion and love for music. Being a back-up singer, whenever i am backing-up for an artiste people tend to love me more than the artiste and they would be like you are better than these guys you're backing-up, why not do something on your own? And surprisingly the first shot was a hit. Basically it's my love for music that pushed me into it.
Tell Us More About Yourself, Family, Childhood And How Growing Up Was In Your Family?
Growing up for me wasn't easy, seeing me like this, I'm a barrack boy! I was born and brought up in Minna, Niger state. I'm from Benue state, Idoma precisely. I grew up in the barracks and i was quite stubborn. I grew up in a  lovely family, i have a very lovely mum and my dad is a police man, I'm third born and the first boy out of seven children. My family is a family of stars in the sense that everyone has one talent or the other, my mother who is a professional tailor also used to be a dancer.

Do Your Parents Support What You're Doing?
My mum has always been a fan, like i stated earlier, she used to be a dancer and she's also a lover of music. The issue of my parents supporting my music came up recently, my dad has been a bi conservative, he wouldn't tell me to stop what i'm doing but he has this feeling that nothing tangible can come out of it, my dad just want to see you go to school and not be cheated in life. The day he gave me his full support was when he was a security personnel to a show i went to perform representing the north, it was a police got talent show and i emerged victorious and he was really proud of me

Adam Is Your First Name, So Did You Just Add "Swag" To Come Up With Your Stage Name?
The swag was actually given to me by my mum, my mum happens to be a professional tailor, the name AdamSwag actually came from my school uniform, while i was in secondary school i always looked neat and smart and it would seem as if i was going for a show. My mum does the sewing, she bought a new cloth for me one day and i was like, the cloth was too big, that i was going to add my own swag to it and she replied by saying "Adam Swag". My friends who were present were like that's a really nice name so they started calling me AdamSwag and the name stuck since then.

Define Your Sense Of Fashion
I love looking corporate, i am not all about the flashy kind of dressing, I love to look simple. I do native once in a while. Simple but sophisticated.

What Is The Most Expensive Fashion Item You've Ever Bought?
I come from a family of fashionistas, my most expensive fashion item is actually an Indian/Pakistani material which is not sold around here. I got the material and designed it according to my taste.

You Have Very Nice Songs With Catchy Choruses, Do Yo Spend Time Writing Your Songs Or You Just Go Straight Into The Studio For Recording?
Ever since I've been doing music, I have never used a pen to write music, whenever i go into the studio and listen to a good instrumental, I imagine things, I could sing to anything i see as long as i have the right tune and melody, the words are not a problem. It's not that i can't give you what people who write songs can give you but i think it's a gift. I freestyle alot and do lot of rehearsals to perfect the song.

What Inspires You? Where Do You Draw Your Inspiration From?
I draw inspiration from a couple of artistes, they are not like mentors and i don't do exactly what they do. I enjoy listening to emotional music, music that makes you think deep and cry. My mentors are Massari (Real Love), Isa, Soul J, I listen to them because they have good melody and messages in their songs

Are You Keffi Based Or Abuja Based? Where Do You Spend Most Of Your Time?
I grew up in the North! I am Niger state based, I base in Minna and partially Abuja and i study in Keffi

Your Performances Are Quite Energetic, Do You Take Something Before Going On Stage Or Do It Boil Down To Consistent Rehearsal?
People usually debate about whether i take something or not, they usually say i smoke weed or take drugs but none of that is true. I try to give my best wherever i am, usually i am the last performer at shows and the crowed having been entertained by other artistes usually pose a challenge to me so i go in very hard to impress them even more and put in a performance that would crown the show. I don't smoke, as a matter of fact i detest it. Even my friends mock me that i can't even take common alcohol. So my energetic performance is always about the passion and the energy from the crowd

Like How Much Do You Charge For  A Performance?
In school most shows are not really profit oriented because of the fact that you're a student, I still see myself as an upcoming artiste with alot of things to learn so whenever i am called for a show, I see it as an opportunity to showcase myself and improve on my work and also increase my fan base, but one thing is that i do not work for free, you need to appreciate my work. The highest I've been paid in Keffi is around N30,000, It basically depends on the kind of show but in Abuja it ranges from N70,000 to N100,000

With All These Shows, How Do You Create Time To Study?
*Calls on his D.O.S Benbreezy to answer the question*
Benbreezy- It's just about dedication and desire for success. There is no success story without pain!
Adamswag- I am a geography student, 300L and potentially 400L, I just rounded off my I.T. I enjoy doing the two i.e education and music

Has The Fame Changed You In Anyway? Has It Affected The Way You Interact With People?
Fame makes me feel loved and appreciated and for someone to call me by my stage-name means they know me and i don't get tired of answering and talking to people. I learnt early enough that humility is the way forward

Tell Us More About Your Girlfriend Koko (Why Her) ?
Koko is not my girlfriend! She is my wife! Me and her have gone beyond the stage of boyfriend and girlfriend. If not for school, i would have engaged her. Koko is a very generous girl, not laways ,moved by what people say and she's open minded, she'll tell you what she feels in a very polite way. I know she's the right person for me.

How Do You Relate With Your Female Fans?
I love my female fans, female fans are very important and vital to the success of any artiste and when you have alot of female fans, you can be sure as an artiste that you are doing the right thing!

Do You Have A Dream Project?
My dream project would definitely be me having my concert outside the shores of this country with a lot of A list and international artiste performing but for now there is a project we are working on and it will be out soon

Are You Under Any Record Label?
No! I am not under any record label for now, but i have a Godfather who happens to be my cousin. He calls me his artiste, he promotes me basically

In The Nigerian Entertainment Industry, Who Are Those Artiste You Would Love To Collaborate With?
I'd like to do a song with Wizkid, I've been with him backstage before, he's very intelligent. Internationally it's got to be Chris Brown! Justin Timberlake too because they sing and dance

When Are You Going To Give Your Fans An Album?
They are no plans for an album now because focusing on releasing an album now would do more harm than good. We all know how it works in Nigeria, it's not the album that sells, all you need are good songs that would shake the whole place and you would hot it big. For it's just singles, an album is for the future

When Is Your Next Single Dropping?
Very Soon, I have a track with Lyrical Dr Smith coming out soon

You Have Your Name On Almost All Events In Keffi, When Do You Plan On Giving Us Your Own Live In Concert Show?
The show was scheduled for earlier but due to one or two things it had to be moved forward. The title is still going to be anticipated for now. It's going to be nothing like we've seen on this campus. We will be bringing the best of dancers and musicians  form all over. It's going to be big

Message To Fans?
I love my fans, they are the best. Whatever it is that you want to do, start from the basics and do not give up, no matter what. Don't force yourself to do what you don't know.
 God Bless You All!
Thank You NsukGist

Interview By Christopher Abiodun Salami [Abbeycity]
Photos By High-B


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