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30 MINUTES WITH MC HOLY PRINCE MAJID: "I Don't Want To Be A Local Champion" And More!

We had a 30 minute interview session with professional footballer turned comedian Mc Holy Prince Majid [HPM] and the very jovial comedian made the interview very lively with his funny ways of laughing at the questions before answering them and ending each answer with a funny statement.He was with his beautiful sister during the interview and the humble MC chose to attend the interview instead of going home straight from his departmental rehearsal in school.

How Fa Mc Holy Prince Majid, Abeg Introduce Yourself To Us
My real name is Abdulmajid Mohammed, I'm a Muslim and i come from a family of 3 in which i happen to be the first born/son. I'm a student and also a stand-up comedian.

Why Did You Include "HOLY PRINCE" In Your Name?
Honestly, I haven't really given a specific answer to this question, It all happened when i came back from Cyprus where i was schooling and also playing football. I was on my way to Wuse market to see a friend when i met my secondary school teacher who knew me very well and she was like, where have you been? How have you been? I told her I've been in Europe playing football, then she asked what happened to comedy and that question took me back to my days of comedy in school, I thought about it al day and tried to come up with a suitable name, something and catchy, that was when i thought of HOLY, the i also realized that my mum was from a royal background so i thought of PRINCE. Basically that was how i coined the name HOLY PRINCE MAJID.

How Did Comedy Start For You?
I started comedy in secondary school, i was this kid in the class who always wanted to make light off any boring  or serious situation in the class, that sort of became a problem with the teachers, and the took me to the principal who they thought would handle the situation seriously, he also started laughing, then he told me that the next day on the assembly ground i would have to say something that would make everybody laugh. The next day i was called up and i said a couple of jokes that had the students and teachers laughing. My name grew popular in the school and i got to be known as that funny comedian, so that's how it all started.
Tell Us Your Best Experience Since You Started Performing As A Stand Up Comedian On Stage 
I had my best experience so far when i performed at the Association Of Nigeria Architects dinner in Abuja. I was fortunate on that day because i was in class when called by a lecturer to accompany a troupe of dancers, just to get a perfect mix of entertainment. Everybody there appreciated my performance on stage and i was thrilled. Some months later i was contacted by someone at the event who had saw and liked my performance to come anchor another edition of the same event. Comedy has basically taken me to places i ordinarily wouldn't have gone to and i have met lot of dignitaries through comedy.

Do You Have Any Role Model?
Yes, Bright Okpocha and that is because he is a natural comedian.

We Saw Your Recent Comedy Skit Featuring Abdul The Barber, Why Did You Choose To Start Doing Video Skits?
That concept came to mind when i was with my manager, we were breaking our fast, when he asked me if i had any skits in mind because people want to hear you talk and see you do things and also tell stories. So that idea came to mind and it involved me lifting someone so i decided to feature Abdul in the video skit because he was lighter in weight.

Describe Yourself In One Word
What Has Been Your Most Embarrassing Moment On Stage?
It happened at a friend's birthday, where i was given Zobo that was mixed with weed and other alcoholic contents, i didn't know about it but it tasted nice so i took about 3 glasses. After a while, i knew something was wrong so i excused myself from the party, i told the celebrant that i was leaving but she said i had to wait to coordinate the cutting of her cake. When it was time to cut the cake, I started and i began repeating the same sentence on and on to the extent that a friend had to come help me with the coordinating of the cutting of her cake. I was so embarrassed!

How Do You Handle Your Female Fans?
The thing with the female fan is that they come in two aspects, there are some that will push you towards success and there are some that are out to break you, but i believe with God you can handle any woman in the world. I make my female fans my friends

Do You Have A Girlfriend?
Yes i have a girlfriend but i don't want to make her public, I love her because she has a good sense of humor i can't really define.

Are You Under Any Management Label At The Moment?
Presently i'm not under any, I'm doing it independently. Although something is in the works but it has not been concluded yet.

What Would You Be Doing If You Weren't A Comedian?
Simple! I would be a footballer. I played football while i was in Cyprus.

Which Department Are You In NSUK?
Theater and Cultural studies.

What Do You Like Most About NSUK Girls?
NSUK girls don't form, they are not the pompous type, they're friendly and very supportive.
Tell Us A Funny Joke
My broda i for use Buhari regime but dem don remove subsidy from jokes, even from laughter!
*everybody laughs*

How Do You Handle Being An MC & A Stand Up Comedian?
I think to handle the two, what you need is to have that serious and unserious aspect of you combined together and you also need to have a good self esteem. There are places you go where you need to be serious and vice versa. It also makes the job easy and profitable for you.

Where Do You See Yourself In The Nearest Future?
I want to ply my trade outside the shores of Nigeria and perform with guys who are way bigger than me in the industry. I don't want to be a local champion!

Do You Have Any Dream Project?
I want to do things with guys like Kevin Hart, Eddie Murphy and a couple of international stars, sharing the same stage with them and just do my thing.

So What Should We Be Expecting From You In The Nearest Future?
My Show! It's coming up very soon and plans are going on for it. It's not going to be like every other NSUK shows, other comedian would be invited from Abuja and some from Lagos. It's going to be loaded and i want my fans to look forward to it.

Interview By Samuel Adelakun
Photos By High-B
You Can Check/Download Out MC Holy Prince Majid Funny Comedy Videos


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