Monday, 13 June 2016

Strike threat: Lecturers salaries will be paid

A highly placed source in the management of Nasarawa State University has assured that the lecturers of the University will not be allowed to go on another strike, saying management and the state government will do something before the threat becomes real.

According to the source who preferred anonymity, nobody is going to withhold the salaries of the lecturers, blaming the delay in the payment on the current economic problem.

"No, I don't think another strike is  possible and by the way their salaries may even be paid before their meeting.

"So another strike is absolutely not necessary and won't happen", he said confidently.

He further added that strike has been over flogged to the point it has become like a child's play, and ASUU knows better than embark on another strike just a few days after suspending it.

" They won't have any reason to go on another strike because their salaries will be paid", the source assured.

Meanwhile, NSUK CampusWatch sort to know if the strike threat will affect lectures but all the departments contacted seemed to jettison the threat saying lectures will hold as planned in the timetables, and will not be interrupted except if there is any directive to the contrary.

"As far we are concerned, the strike has been suspended and academic activities have commenced.

"We can only stop activities if there is any directive to that effect", they said.

When contacted, the Chairman of ASUU, Dr. Theophilous Lagi declined to say that the Union will embark on another strike, saying that the choice belongs to the congress.

He however bared his mind on the discrimination applied in the payment of staff salaries.

"No explanation has been made on why some academic staff received their salaries while others did not", he said.

By Ofim, Kelechi Ofim

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