Friday, 4 March 2016

The Vicious Act Of Campus Marriage

Campus marriage is a punk that has eaten the virtue in our higher institutions. Campus marriage as the name implies, is a situation whereby a male student and a female student come together, to live like husband and wife in the school.

These student couples does everything made solely for married couples which includes, cooking, washing, living together and even copulating.

The rate of campus marriage in our higher institutions, cannot be overemphasised, many young folks in the tertiary institutions engages in this act of jilts and deceptions. These student husband, at times pick quarrels with the student wife, and even ends up beating the wife, all in the name of practising his so called matrimonial rites.

These couples ends up, exposing their selves to so many diseases, since most of them don't even care of knowing their HIV status before copulating, while some others also have flings and hookups within and outside the institutions respectively.

The female students involved, at times end up with un-wanted pregnancy, therefore truncating and jeopardising their academic pursuits, and even limiting them to being just house wives.

The males are left to graduate with even good results, and thereby disentangling their selves from these ladies after graduations, leaving the ladies to suffer the effect of their bad decisions solitarily.

Over 45 percent of Nigerian tertiary institution students, engages in this act of nonchalant and juvenile behaviours.

Campus marriage is a viper that has eaten our Nigerian tertiary institutions, just like the days of sodom and gomoria, in the holy book.

Let sanity be restored back to our higher institutions, let the youth be enlighten, and sensitised against, the effect of these act, in case anyone maybe lured into the act, consciously and unconsciously.

Let decency, edibility,and comestible lifestyles and behaviours, be maintained in our higher institutions.  Thank You

Written and compiled by
Abah James
Faculty of art
Dept of English
For NsukGist


  1. May God Forgive them

  2. babes make una no gree fr dis campus marriage oh,make una no do am atall.cos dos idiots go make sure say d finish una money wey b say una no go fit safe,una friends no go fit visit una bcos say one idiot dey ur neck.u no fit do xtra package an ur parent no go rest wit too much demand .and after una grage Luv don finish cos NYSC go separate una.

  3. Only foolish students do dis


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