Saturday, 30 January 2016

UPDATE On Missing Female NSUK Student

Here Is An Update On The Girl Who Was Reported Missing Few Days Ago
Her name is Peace Gabriel, 20 years old, and she is a diploma student here in Nasarawa State University. I kept hearing different versions of news surrounding her absence so i decided to contact a relative of hers who told me that they(the family) are in touch with the peace who we all thought was missing. Photo of conversation between nsukgist and miss peace sister below
In the chat above, Miss Peace sister said the current news being spread around about her sister is false that her sister would never elope to anywhere with an unknown guy
And in this screenshot above she reavealed that Miss Peace has been contacting home and claiming to be okay but they can't call her back but she calls once in a while

It was after my chat with Miss Peace sister i got to know there's more to the story than we all already know,firstly Miss Peace is not missing and secondly she has been in touch with her family but they do not know her current location.

Fortunately today (29th of January 2015) happens to be Miss Peace birthday, her phone lines were available and NsukGist called and requested for an audience which she granted to us via whatsapp.
We asked her some questions and she replied. I will be typing it out below so sit back and enjoy

NsukGist: Good Morning Peace
Miss Peace: Morning

NsukGist: This is Zainab, i called you few minutes ago
Miss Peace:Okay

NsukGist:I don't like the news spreading around about you that's why i decided to reach out to yuu
Miss Peace:Yea
Miss Peace: What News?
Miss Peace: That i was missing?

NsukGist: Yes
Miss Peace: Hmmm..It was a misunderstanding dear.

NsukGist: Can you please elaborate?
Miss Peace:I traveled and i forgot my phone,I sent for the phone and before it got to me, it took days.. Nobody could reach me. Plus i was far from network. I wasn't happy when i found out my parents were too quick to go to school and bring me out like that.I have stuffs i have been doing for a while now

NsukGist:Wow, this your story is tottally diffrent from what was sent out about you. Reports were that you were mssing and broadcasts were flying around
Miss Peace: Can you please send me one of the broadcasts
NsukGist: Okay

Miss Peace: Now can you help me post what i have explained to you, to clarify thing?
NsukGist: Okay, But i still have more questions for you
Miss Peace: Go ahead

NsukGist:It is widely believed that you eloped with a man, how true is this?
Miss Peace: I didn't elope with any man, people that know me well would know I'm not so stupid to do a thing like that. I already told my parents that i am okay and working on something somewhere. Which i plan to explain to them as soon as i come back. It didn't take upto a week before
Miss Peace: You can post our chat online
Miss Peace: If i have a man i want to be with,I'm old enough to present him to my parents with or without their permission, i will go with the man anywhere not elope  lol.. Me elope?? People can come up with crazy stories sha

NsukGist: What about reports of you not registring for the current semester in school?
Miss Peace: I am working on that. Please when you have posted this on your blog, send me  a copy

NsukGist: I will!  And all your friends claim they don't know where you reside in keffi, how true is that?
Miss Peace:Very tue.. They don't know. I'm not the kind of girl to open up to people. I enjoy keeping to myself. I don't like company. I could be in keffi for 6 months and not get attached to any student. I'm like that. I'm that kind of person.

NsukGist: Okay, if you say so
NsukGist: Do you plan on returning to Nasarawa state university?
Miss Peace: Of course!
Miss Peace: I have only one uear to round up my diploma course or less
Miss Peace: Please that's all i can say for now.

NsukGist: I still have some questions for you. I need to inform people who read nsukgist as much as possible so i need more info from you
Miss Peace: Okay go on

NsukGist: When do you plan on returning home to your family? And do they know of your current location??
Miss Peace:Nobody knows my current location,I will be back soon
Miss Peace: Like i said earlier, I'm working on something very important
Miss Peace: I tried telling my dad about it indirectly last year but he didn't let me explain, he flared up (my dad is always like that) So i had to leave without his permission. Cause i know my dad would never had permitted me.. What i disapperead for is tooimportant to let go. I was supposed to finish last year, but i became very sick and was admitted to the hospital and went through surgery. So it delayed me a little bit. I am almost done here.

NsukGist: Okay
Miss Peace:And just so you know.. I am not affected by any false news going around about me in any way. When i return to school, i am going to be the same Peace that doesn't give attention to anybody!So my actions when i return would have nothing to do with what happened.

NsukGist:Okay Peace, i think that will be all for now, Please keep checking for this update and Happy Birthday t you dear
Miss Peace: Thanks and please add I am sorry for any inconvineces i caused anyone. I just had to fix some certain things

NsukGist:Okay i will
Miss Peace: Thanks

So what do you guys think about all this? Kindly use the comment box!
Is Miss Peace to be blaimed for going missing on purpose?
If you were in her shoes would you have done the same?
Do you have any message or advice for her?
Have a great weekend guys and please keep praying our eloved NSUK doesn't go on strike


  1. There is more to every story... Imagine what the program cordinator was saying about her.... some men sha! Thank God Ms Peace had cleared the ai

  2. She a stupid person. she follow man i swear


  4. idio dont come back to nsuk disgrace girl

  5. Hey peace, pls i love you can you send me your number??

  6. god punish u idiot


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