Wednesday, 27 January 2016

First Semester 2015/2016 Session Rescheduled Lecture Time-Table For Faculty Of Administration

This new time-table was released earlier today by the faculty time table officer. It is for 100Level and 200Level only. Because 300 and 400 Level students already started their examination. 

While the 100 and 200 Level examination was pushed forward due to the recent admission of new students including those who got admission through direct entry. 

You must be wondering why the new time table came out all of a sudden. I think the school authorises are try to provide more time and lectures for the new students to study and adapt and also finish up their registration. By the way the new time table lectures will be only 1 hour.

Please if you have your faculty time table kindly email us so we can post it online for others to see

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