Saturday, 7 March 2015

20 University Programs You Should Not Spend Money To Study In Nigeria

You should not feel bad if you are enroll in any of the listed programs. Please don't find solace or justification because you know a single person that has studied one of these programs and became successful. It is not enough reason to do it.

Reasons why you should not spend money on these programs / courses?

1. Lack of employment

I am not saying there is zero unemployment but the employment opportunities with these programs are very limited. Don't spend 4 to 6 six paying tuition only to come out and join the queue of unemployed graduates in your study field.

2. Extinction

Some of the listed study programs are heading to extinction. Please do not spend your time and money to study a program that the future has strip its usefulness

3. Career Advancement

Think about these programs and ask yourself where will I be in the next 20 year if I stick with this career path. Some of these programs do not have any form of advancement if you wish to retire there.

Reasons why you should spend money on these programs?

I know that this post is about why you should not study this program but there is always exception in certain things. I will list some few exceptions.

1.If you just want a degree or certificate

If you core purpose of going to university is for the sake of degree or certificate then do not loss sleep on this

2. Strong Connection (IM)

If you are highly connected in Nigeria or you are in a circle of highly place people who are willing to help you then what you study does not matter much because they can fix you anywhere.

My intention for writing this post is not to bring a university program down but to emphasize what lies ahead after graduation.

The university programs you should not spend your money and time on in Nigeria are listed below. 

Animal Physiology 

Developmental Studies




General and Liberal Arts


Religious Studies

Mass Communication


Photographic Arts



Food Science

Sport science


English Literature

Media studies


Film Studies

Where are not here to bash each other rather we are here to learn. We might differ in opinion but it should not result to insults.
If you have a better list I will like to see it and also learn from it.
Finally. what is your take? which programs / courses should be removed or added in this list?

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