Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Our Resumption Date Has Been Postponed!!

The former September 15th date has been postponed due to reasons unknown to students.
So today September 2nd the Nasarawa State University Authorities announced that admission date has been postponed and they will release more details shortly. Plenty students were not happy with this new development, even the freshers that were yet to resume were outraged. But the school officials said it's for the interest and benefits of the students. 
Some students suggested the date was postponed due to the fact that the school does not have a vice chancellor again and the v.c space has been put up for vacancy, but the school officials where quick to correct this by saying "There is an acting vice chancellor hence that's not the reason, to get a substantial v.c, the post vacancy needs to be advertised and the due process followed" 
Another student named Ameh said he hopes and pray it's for the best of the students and it all comes out successfully.
Anothet Outraged student named Sunday poured out his comments saying "Rubbish, since i got admission, i have not seen any decision made for the interest of the student, we protested for our right (water) and lose some of our fellow student in the process n the only thing the school management did was to keep us at home for five good months, charge us 1k each and decitfuly as ask us to right leter in other 2 prohibite us from carrying out another peaceful protest and close down student union government. If not only in nsuk, i have never seen any school that keep their students away from school for good four months in the name of break. We hav spend four months at home n now they are talking abt prosponding it. Though this time, they may claim is becouse of Ebola but let me asure you, they are only trying to cover their laziness and inability to carry out their responsibility. Other schools that were on break have resume, why is our own case different. Is only in nsuk that students seat down for complete one year waiting for result, i know it will sound funy if i tel yuo that some student have not seen their last yr first semester result. If this sort of people seat down to dicuss about government, they will say all sort of things but the little responsibility under their care, they can not handle. My fellow students, am not calling on guys to carry out another protest or else we will give them another escuse to close down the school for another five months. However, i urge you guys to pray that we will al successful leave the ugly environment called nsuk. Though the experince may apear like hell fire on earth but with God, all things are possible."
 Another Female student named Sylvia cautioned the angry students with her wise words, she said "My God is able......fellow students, complaining will nt help, Dnt complain, there's God."
A 200L student named Peter suggested the reason for the postponement is because of the Ebola virus.
But we at NsukGist are also hoping for the best and patiently waiting for the school to release an official announcement concerning this issue. We promise to keep everybody updated. 
Please use the comment box to let us know how you feel about this new development

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