Friday, 5 September 2014

New Resumption Date Announced

Today, September 4, 2014, the Senate of our great university revised the 2014/2015 academic calendar. Ebola has nothing to do with it. The action was informed by the two reasons below, among a few others:
1. More time is needed to accommodate the concerns and interests of the Long Vacation Training (LVT) students who have been on campus since you departed for your own long vacation. LVT students are holders of the Nigerian Certificate of Education (NCE) who enroll for their degree programmes and attend classes during long vacations. They need more time to prepare for their examinations and the lecturers too need time to correct and grade the scripts of the examinations. And the students occupy your hostels on the main campus during their session. And they need to pack out before you resume.
2. There will soon be a rash of public holidays in the first week of October (Independence Day, which is October 1 and Sallah festivities, Eid el kabir, on October 5 and 6).
According to the new calendar, students will now return on Sunday October 12, 2014 and from that date, the session takes off smoothly with no further or envisaged disruptions.
The full details are spelt out below:
1. Resumption of students 12th Oct, 2014
2. Registration Begins 13th Oct, 2014
3. Lectures Begin 20th Oct, 2014
4. Registration Ends 25th Oct, 2014
5. End of Year Break Begins 21th Oct, 2014
6. Break End 3rd Jan, 2015
7. Resumption of Students 4th Jan, 2015
8. 1st Semester Lectures Continue 5th Jan, 2015
9. 1st Semester Lectures End 17th Jan, 2015
10. 1st Semester Exams Begin 19th Jan, 2015
11. 1st Semester Exams End 7th Feb, 2015
12. 1st Semester Break Begins 8th Feb, 2015
13. 1st Semester Break Ends 7th March, 2015
1. Return to Student for 2nd Semester 8th March, 2015
2. 2nd Semester Lectures Begin 9th March, 2015
3. 2nd Semester Lectures End 6th June, 2015
4. 2nd Semester Exams Begin 8th June, 2015
5. 2nd Semester Exams End 27th June, 2015
What do you guys think about this?


  1. Thank you admin for keepingg us posted
    God bless you


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