Friday, 2 May 2014

My Personal Screening Procedures

In this blog post I'll explain to you guys how i did my screening and admission processes.
Read the official school procedures for all student Here
Bank Procedure
After i went through the school screening procedure, I headed to Eco Bank with my friend and i asked if i can pay my screening fee at the branch i was told to wait so they can confirm, after some minutes i was asked to pick a bank teller and a staff at the bank gave me some instructions on how to fill the teller.
What To Fill In Eco Bank Deposit Slip
Leave the account number space empty!
Ttotal amount in words should be "Three thousand, three hundred naira" only,
Tittle and name of account should be "Nasarawa State University Keffi.
Purpose Of Payment: Screening Fee
Depositor's Name: Your Name
Depositor's Phone Number: Your Number
Now write your Jamb Registration Number at the back of the teller, make sure it is clear and bold
Submit with cash to the same bank staff you made enquiry from, they will tell you to wait for your E-tranzact  receipt, collect the receipt which will be printed out inside the banking hall and confirm your informations are correct. Now attach your teller and the E-tranzact receipt together cause you will still be needing it in school.
Below is a photo of my E-tranzact Receipt

Wait for 24 hours, after 24hours go to a cafe that is nearby and do the following
Printing Procedure
Upon Payment of the #3300 in the bank, wait 24hrs before printing your clearance and screening form.
After 24 hours Click Here and select Undergraduate, now fill in your Jamb Reg No and Confirmation code from the E-tranzact receipt as marked and circled in the picture above

Then print the two forms there
To ease the stress of long queues when printing the Clearance/Screening form, you can patronize the following places for the online printing.....
1. Maths/Computer Lab1 located inside the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences directly behind the main Admin Block.
2. IT Centre beside the School Library.
3. In the Convocation Square Shop 7.
4. Within the Faculty of Administration close to the Banks in the School Premises. (ie in the Deans office or Shop Opposite Diamond Bank inside the school).

NOTE:You can print your admission and screening form anywhere, I did mine at home

I'll Still Continue To Update This Blog Post


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